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All About Your IELTS Test

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University of Auckland

English Language Academy

Level 5, 67 Symonds Street, Auckland

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Preparation Courses

Improve your IELTS test-taking techniques
with a part-time test preparation course


Preparation Support

Study Centre 

You can access the extensive range of IELTS materials in the ELA Study Centre free of charge for 2 weeks when you enrol in a test preparation course. The Study Centre is open 6 days a week.

Practice Materials

You can purchase the Official IELTS Practice Materials in person at the ELA or order the booklets online to be delivered by post.

Further Assistance

  • For help with writing, speaking, and reading skills, you can receive personalised advice from an IELTS expert with IELTS Assist

  • For general questions about the IELTS test visit IELTS Customer Connect