Computer Delivered IELTS

Computer Delivered IELTS Now at the ELA! 

You can book your computer based IELTS test with 4 testing dates available per week. 

Why take a computer-delivered IELTS test at the ELA?
•    More test dates available 
•    Choose a time convenient to you - both weekday and weekend options available
•    Receive your results in 5 to 7 days
•    All parts of the test completed in one day
•    Speaking test face-to-face with a certified examiner

Book your test
Book your computer-delivered IELTS test at the ELA IELTS Centre here 

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All About Your IELTS Test

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University of Auckland

English Language Academy

Level 5, 67 Symonds Street, Auckland

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Preparation Courses

Improve your IELTS test-taking techniques
with a part-time test preparation course at the ELA


Preparation Support


NEW Online Preparation Platform 

Practice all four modules of the IELTS exam with our adaptive learning platform. Responses will be tailored towards your personal weaknesses and levels. Sign up here  and access 2 free practice modules. Unlock all four practice modules for a small one-off purchase fee.

Study Centre 

You can access the extensive range of IELTS materials in the ELA Study Centre free of charge for 2 weeks when you enrol in a test preparation course. The Study Centre is open 6 days a week.

Practice Materials

You can purchase the Official IELTS Practice Materials in person at the ELA or order the booklets online to be delivered by post.