Pacific Test Day Schedule


  • Please ensure you arrive by 8am to give you enough time to register.
  • If you arrive after 8:30am, you will not be allowed to sit the test, so please ensure you plan your journey in advance!


Below is an outline of the test day:

8-8.30am  Registration
8:30-9:00am Administration
9:00-11:45am Written part of the test (Listening, Reading, and Writing)

Please note: 

Speaking Test depends on your allocated date  

Speaking Test Duration: 11 - 14 minutes

The Speaking test can be taken on Thursday evening, Friday afternoon or Saturday. We will inform you via email with regard to when you have been allocated a time and date.
•    Please bring your passport and arrive 30 minutes before the start of your speaking test, for registration.
•    Registration will be completed before the speaking test.
•    Before the speaking test cell phones must be switched off and placed in your bag and left in the bag area. 

ID requirements

  • You must attend your test with your passport. Your passport must be valid on the day of the test. We cannot accept photocopies.

What to bring with you to your test

  • Passport
  • Stationery (mechanical pencil and eraser).
  • If you would like to bring water, please ensure that it is in a clear, see-through bottle.

Please note that the following items are not allowed in the test room

  • Pens, highlighters, correction fluid 
  • Food (this is allowed in the waiting area)
  • Watches (there is a large digital clock in each test room to help you manage your time)
  • Any electronic devices (these will need to be switched off and placed in your bag before you enter the test room)

We have a belongings area where you will be able to safely store all your personal belongings. However, we do recommend leaving all valuable items at home!